SONY A6300 OR A6000

To start this conversation about the A6300 Vs A6000 here is a quick Head to Head specs highlight

Full model name:Sony Alpha ILCE-A6300Sony Alpha ILCE-A6000
Resolution:24.20 Megapixels 24.30 Megapixels
Sensor size: APS-C (23.5mm x 15.6mm)APS-C (23.5mm x 15.6mm)
Kit Lens:3.13x zoom 16-50mm (24-75mm eq.)3.13x zoom 16-50mm (24-75mm eq.)
Viewfinder:EVF / LCDEVF / LCD
Native ISO:100 - 25,600100 - 25,600
Extended ISO:100 - 51,200100 - 51,200
Shutter:1/4000 - 30 seconds1/4000 - 30 seconds
Max Aperture:3.5 (kit lens)3.5 (kit lens)
Dimensions:4.7 x 2.6 x 1.9 in. (120 x 67 x 49 mm)4.7 x 2.6 x 1.8 in. (120 x 67 x 45 mm)
Weight:18.3 oz (520 g) includes batteries, kit lens16.5 oz (468 g) includes batteries, kit lens

A6300 vs A6000  indepth breakdown

As you can see, not much difference here right? This short video below will actually clarify everything you need to know




Hey what’s up everyone? Eric Rossi, the guy with the eye here and I want to talk to you about the Sony A-6300 and whether or not it is a worthy upgrade from the A-6000.

So before I even review this camera I did my unboxing, first impressions, a quick test video outside the window and I got a lot of interesting questions about should I upgrade from the 6000? Should I buy the 6300 over the 6000? What are the perks? Is it really worth it?

So I actually reviewed this entire camera I had almost a two days in New York City, went around the streets shot with it in all types of situations, high social situations, fast, slow, continuous, all that kind of stuff and I just find that a 1000 dollars is not a bad price for the 6300 when it first was announced I was like come on Sony you’re kind of losing a market here but they weren’t targeting mainly the stills market, it’s which they kind of were doing with the 6000 with a good video option. They really did more of a video heavy feel with the a 6300 so I’ll be feeling if you’re more into the video side you should probably look more into investing in the 6300 because it also does have 4k video which is not all about hype. I made a video about 4k which I’ll link down below and why it’s good to invest in but you know using at a 1080p it’s going to look great, gives you a lot of options to film, to roam around, to move and it just is great quality so, if you’re more into a video play, I think the Sony A-6300 it Is worth it for you but if you mainly just want stills and to really get into the game you shouldn’t have to spend a 1000 dollars on a camera like that and if you don’t want to go the DSLR route, I think a 400 or 500 hundred dollar Sony A-6000 might be the better option for this still side of thing.

01:36 [A-6000 Specs]

So two of the common complaints that you’ve got a lot of it, the Sony A-6000 was that it does it doesn’t have a mic jack so you can’t plug in an external mic into it. You could buy some overpriced Sony mic that you can put into it that activates through the hot-shoe or whatever but it I would never recommend that and it’s not a great mic anyway but the 6300 does have a mic jack, no headphone monitoring at all but it does have a mic jack so I used a lot of my video a Rode VideoMic Pro with that and the sound quality and combination double thumbs up for that. But the 6000 also had a lot of complaints about the focusing and the lack of focusing and how wasn’t fast. I thought the 6000 was actually pretty decently fast it actually was a great, you know, it was fast for what it was but, it also did 11 frames per second but the a 6300 was definitely instantly noticed faster in regards to trying to, you know, lock onto something over here, over here or something so it actually did do better in focusing.

The peaking works about the same as peaking Zebra so, you can see what’s in focus what’s a not. What it’s a Sony camera so everything looks in focus for the most part if you don’t look into refining it or fine-tuning on just a little bit.

And we go to the battery life for the same two cameras it’s pretty much exactly the same if not the battery gets used a little bit more quickly with the 6300 because you’re pushing a lot more power into it, by doing 4k video that it has so, keep that in mind the battery life is very similar and they it’s just a Sony issue at that point.

03:05 [Camera Build quality]

In quality wise, they both feel great, they’re very ergonomic I think the six thousand more is a I’m going to say plasticky, toyish type of feeling and I don’t want to take away from because the 6000 is a great camera, the ergonomics works actually great for a mirrorless camera for once, but the 6300 what has a more of a, It has a different shutter wiring mechanism and it is more of a magnesium alloy body that isn’t toy, I mean you’re paying a 1000 dollars for it, is the same ergonomic field but it’s also a little bit beefier around the grip so it is a little bit thicker and it does hold well and once again on the strap around your neck it doesn’t matter it’s comfortable so, both are great ergonomically and build wise just these 6300 is more weather sealed and it’s a more magnesium alloy non-plastic eat body.

Wrapping up, all that be it there are a ton of similar features from the 6000 to the 6300 no doubt, but there were upgrades to the 6300 so once again, I feel if you were more of a stills user who wants a video the 6000 is a no-brainer to buy it’s just getting a way more affordable because of the price is dropping with the 6300 coming out all the pre-orders finally coming out, it’s just a great system to buy into if you want to go that route over DSLR out, but if you really you know should you upgrade if you have the 6000, the reason I did is because I wanted to invest more in the 4k video game that’s why I made a couple videos about that recently, and I do a lot of video stuff as well and I want to VLog using that camera so it’s just better I feel that’s why I upgraded and it was because more of a video plays so, I’ve been feeling if you’re more 6300 like-minded you one more video play over a photo side of things, don’t get me wrong, the photo, the review: phenomenal photos, on both probably a little bit more dynamic range better than the 6300 but overall I just think that video is way better obviously in the 6300 so if you want to invest in the video game definitely go the 6300 route if you want more than just, I don’t even want to say beginner because it’s not a beginner camera but, a more of an entry-level beginner mirrorless camera the 6000 is an easy by and you can save some money and get some really good pieces of iman glass for that.

05:18 [Conclusions]

So those are just my thoughts the very similar camera is just different extremes on some of the upgrades with the 6300.

Any questions or comments please leave those down below, once again I did upgrade from the A-6000 for more of a video play and it works great. You have 4k video, actual 4k video, 24 frames per second, you get 1080p at a 120 frames per second, 60 frames per second, which looked absolutely fantastic.

Any questions or thoughts write those down below, give us a quick like, thumbs up, please subscribe for more videos. I’m going to be covering a lot of this Sony stuff for the next couple weeks because it’s the popular thing to do and there’s a lot of questions and tests that I want to do with it and I just think that this video alone should help out a lot of people who were in my situation I’m like “is it really worth the upgrade?” to some yes, to some no. A lot of stuff is similar though just some stuff is absolutely improved

06:09 [END OF VIDEO]

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Here are some Prices and Deals you might like for the A6300

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