Best Sony A6000 Accessories

If you bought a Sony A6000 recently, the chances are that you are experiencing a range of mixed emotions. This is true especially if you’ve just switched brands and are wondering if the purchase would be worth it in the long run. We’d like to assure you that you’ve made the right choice!

But, you know what would be even better? It’s you buying few vital accessories that can perfectly complement your camera model. These gears are manufactured by some of the world’s best companies and promise to take you closer to the action than ever before.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in to see the top seven Sony A6000 accessories.

1. Sony E-Mount Prime Fixed Lens

Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens

The best thing that you can buy to boost the utility of your new camera is an aftermarket lens that lets you see the world in a different perspective. The Sony E-Mount 35mm f/1.8 lens is an excellent accessory and can make a huge difference to your photographs by making them sharper and more beautiful. This is one purchase that should be on your “must buy list” if you want to capture the beauty of the world in its true splendor. This lens is also ideal for shooting movies.

2. Camera flash

Sony HVLF32M MI (Multi-interface shoe) Camera Flash

Night photography is near to impossible without a camera flash, and this is where Sony HVL-F32M MI FLASH will come into play. This affordable accessory comes with features like wireless controller, high-speed synchronization, built-in bounce sheet, auto white balance compensation, and much more. It is also dust and moisture resistant and comes in a compact size for even more benefits. With this flash attached, you can say to red eyes for good!

3. Batteries and external chargers

 Wasabi Power Battery and Charger

As much as we’d like you to buy the lens, batteries and external chargers still take the priority above all. Sure, you can always charge by plugging in the cord that came with your camera, but how do you know you’ll find an electrical outlet in the places you travel? Do you think you can shoot with the wall holding back your camera? Probably not! So get yourself a spare set of battery and external charger like Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Charger.

4. Battery grip for extended shooting

Neewer Professional Pro Vertical Infrared Remote Control

If you’re ready to go pro, then getting a vertical battery grip might just mean the difference between success and failure. These accessories are essential for those wanting to shoot for extended periods as it saves you from the stress of switching batteries now and then. Neewer Professional Pro Vertical Infrared Remote Control is an excellent battery grip that can truly accentuate the overall photographic experience. Don’t leave home without it!

5. Tripod Kit

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminium Tripod Kit

If you’re going to shoot for long hours, then don’t count on your ability to keep your hands steady all the time. When fatigue starts to show its signs, having a tripod handy will prove to be a boon. The best tripod for your Sony A6000 would be the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB100 Aluminium Tripod Kit that provides with an unmatched level of stability. You can shoot at whatever angle you choose and never have to worry about shaky hands again.

6. Carrying case

Sony A6000 accessories

Sony LCSU21

To have your camera and all the gear neatly arranged, having a carrying case is a must! If you travel long distances, a camera bag will come really handy because you should never check-in your camera in the luggage compartment. Besides, this accessory consists of various compartments that correctly fit all the gear without ever slowing you down. Picking the right kit is important, so a carrying case like Sony LCSU21 is truly worth your time and effort.

7. Memory cards

SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure you have enough storage capacity to keep all those good photos. There is perhaps no feels that’s as bad as going to your favorite location to shoot and only find out that there’s not enough space remaining for the new photos. Memory cards are cheap and are no less than a life saver! Our choice is the SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB that can read and write up to 90 MB/S.

Final words

Now that you know about the best Sony A6000 accessories, buy them before going on your next big photo shoot. We promise that you won’t regret the decision.

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