Best Lens for Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera Under 500$


Now I want to talk to you guys today about what lens to get for your Sony A-6000 mirrorless camera, what lens is the Best Lens for the sony A6000.

Alright so chances are if you walked into your electronics store and bought the camera or even if you bought it online, you probably have this lens here, the E 3.5-5.6 PZ OSS lens. It’s very small it’s very compact it has a power zoom capability but it does have significant flaws that really, really, there’s no answer for and so in order for you to get like really good image quality this one’s not going to be so easy to do. So, what are we going to do? We’re going to take a look at a different lens, now the lens I’m talking about is the 50-millimeter, 1.8 E OSS lens. As you can see it’s made it onto the Sony A-6000 and it makes a pretty much a perfect complement or perfect partner.

 The Best Lens for Sony A6000 under 500$: The 50mm 1.8 E OSS lens

Best Lens for sony A6000

Let’s talk about the lens in the camera system real quick, the A-6000 is no slouch in the performing department and it takes great quality images. This lens right here at 50-millimeters allows you to have a nice portrait kind of set up and starting to become more of a short telephoto link lens so you can get photos a little bit farther away, get them nice and focus and if you’re taking portraits you can really have the nice, the sharpness of the subject and have the background nice and blowed out, this lens works beautifully for that.

So again this lens is the 50-millimeter 1.8 E and as far as the lens goes not much to it as you can see it’s fairly short it works well within the ergonomics of the A-6000 itself, the lens hood actually makes up quite a lot of the length on there but the lens hood is kind of long enough to where if you scratch it nothing’s going to happen to it you’re going to be fine. Also to the finish is very minimalistic this one is silver and it just has a focusing ring. Unfortunately ring is focused by wire but, you can still use focus peaking and for the most part get tad sharp manual focus shots, it’s not super easy but it’s also not the worst.

It is also very cheap, it’s very cheap, a very sharp, a very powerful native lens for the Sony A-6000. Now the reason why I say native is the fact that it will work with all the features that the A-6000 has to offer. It is also very silent so if you are shooting video or you’re using autofocus in a place where you need to keep the volume really low this is also a great performer.

So you could actually buy a full frame lens, the Sony FE 50 1.8 and put it on this one, problem is though is going to have a little bit slower autofocus speed and it is loud it is noisy it is like someone outside doing construction with a jackhammer when you are focusing it. This one it’s nice and quiet. You can you can take pictures all day all night nobody will ever notice it same thing with video too as well, you can use video autofocus and you will notice it, so it’s really good.

Pricing of the the 50-millimeter, 1.8 E OSS lens

The price is around 250 right now on Amazon, the price of the A-6000 is somewhere around 5 to 700 dollars depending on where you buy it but it’s still fairly cheap. So for under 1000 dollars you have a very good camera and a very good lens. Now combined they both take amazing quality images at a relatively cheap price. so any other features that I may have left out on here, let’s see if I can think of one, actually no not really.

There are other and cheaper portrait lens options for the A-6000 system however most of them are not native and there are some issues that go along with it but you may be well-served to actually take a look at those ones but if you’re a consumer walking into your local Best Buy or electronic store wherever you’re at, you know this lens is going to be one that is easily available with the camera as it is right now and it is pretty cheap whereas with the other third-party lenses you might have to look around. You might have to go online go to a different store and whatnot and it makes it just a little bit more inconvenient to get that lens.

 [Pros of 50 mm 1.8 E OSS Lens]

So this one right here, again, the pros of it: very good image quality, very small, very compact, very lightweight, very silent and again takes great images I got a list at pro two times.

 [Cons of 50 mm 1.8 E OSS Lens]

The cons of it, there’s not much to the lens itself. It’s decently built there’s only just the one focusing that’s it. And it does suffer from a bit of chromatic aberration and you can kind of see that especially if you’re shooting the JPEGs and printing them out, it’s there it’s not severe but it is there and it’s noticeable. However if you’re using Lightroom or something like that it’s pretty easy to correct so it’s not that big of an issue.


Anyways guys hope you guys enjoyed this little talk of mine. I’ll be back soon with my next Article and until then you guys have a wonderful day and I will talk to you later

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