Sony A6000 Bundle Deals

Do you love buying gadgets but fails to purchase all the related accessories because of the high prices associated with it? If yes, then the Sony A600 bundle can solve that problem. You can buy the Sony A6000 with all related that professional and beginner photographer need take amazing pictures. Below is a round-up of the best Sony A6000 bundle deals available on popular online stores.

Best Sony A6000 Bundle Deals

Sony A6000 bundle deal 

30% Off Sony A6000 2 Lenses Bundle / EF-S 16-50mm & 55-210mm Lenses + 20 Items

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Sony A6000 bundle deal

30% off Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Camera (White) w/ 16-50mm & 55-210mm Lens (Silver) and 64GB SD Card Bundle

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Sony A6000 Bundle Buying Guide:

Since you need accessories to really extract all the features of a camera, buying the Sony A6000 in a bundle becomes a very interesting proposition. Along with the features like providing instant sharing via Wi-Fi of a smartphone and recording the entire video of 1080/24/60P in the HD format, the Sony A6000 is one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market, regardless of the bundle deals.

The various deals that fall under the bundle can be categorized under getting some accessories, or lens or UV filter kits. You can easily buy all the related stuff when buying the product under the bundle deal. If you purchase the product separately, you just pay the price of the product without getting any extra benefit or any other extra related stuff. Whereas, even when the accessories or other related stuff are purchased separately, they cost you way more than your estimated price.

On the other hand, if the user is buying the accessories in the bundle deal they not only save a lot of money but also get all their desired accessories and items in one go. Many times, you must have faced the problem of not getting the desired item of your product when buying it after some time because it is not available or if available then it is some other form other than what you are looking for. All these problems can also be solved when buying all the desired and relevant stuff along with the product at one particular time only.

While talking about Sony A6000, the product costs $648 which is a great product in the price range. But this price of the product is only if it is bought with one 16-50mm lens. If you intend to buy the extra 55-210mm lens then you will be a whopping amount of $851, since that lens is $200+. Now, if you consider the Sony A6000 bundle deal, you can get it with the two lenses along with a tripod, an extra battery, a 128GB SD card and many other benefits. Not only this you can get all these benefits at a price $801 which means you can actually save $51 when purchasing the product and the accessories under the bundle deal.


The Accessories Offered:

To be more specific, the various accessories that this Sony A6000 mirrorless camera offers under its bundle deal are as follow:

16-50mm lens: The core thing that the camera offers you is this lens that gives you the opportunities to click natural and on the go photos. The quality of the pictures speaks for themselves. This mid-range zoom lens gives its users a smooth experience when trying their hands with clicking pictures. The 16-50mm lens is the versatile lens that is the best option to choose when wanting a lens for travel, landscapes, and portraits shots. The compact light weight of the lens is the added advantage that makes it easy to carry the lens along with you.

55-210mm lens: This light-weight lens easily gets attached to the camera and is the best pick for the people at the entry-level. The auto focus feature of this lens along with image stabilization makes it easier for the beginners to get the right shot even when they are moving. The lens also offers different focal lengths for different purposes which mean that you can every time get the right click for the right purpose. The lens is light and inexpensive that can solve most of your general needs for clicking.

Tripod: The bundle deal of the camera also gives an additional tripod as an accessory with the product. You can set your camera on the tripod and can click many amazing stills of nature and surroundings. Adjusting the camera at the right angle on the tripod will also eliminate the risk of image blurriness.

128GB SD card: You get a 128GB memory card in the bundle deal which can be used for storing your images and videos and can also be used for the backup of all your files. You can also use the SD card storage when using the camera for a longer time or for recording a heavy video file.

There are also other things in the bundle deal, but for those, we advise you to reduce your expectation about them. for example, they send you a bag in the bundle deal, but it is not a great bag. it is just a regular camera bag. Also the manuels in the package are out of date. but the rest is pretty solid.

>> Best Sony A6000 bundle deal

Closing Thoughts

The bundle deals for the Sony A6000 camera is one of the best deals that you can find in the market. If your priority is to get an excellent camera along with many accessories, then this product should the first name that you can consider. This will be the right choice for you and you will never regret your decision of choosing this product and will love the amazing quality performance that it delivers.

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